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Majerczyk is just one of the hackers in the “Celebgate” hack that targeted as many as 100 celebrities. The illegally obtained photos and videos were “posted on websites like Reddit.com and 4chan.org,”.

On August 31, 2014, a collection of almost 500 private pictures of various celebrities, mostly women, and with many containing nudity, were posted on the imageboard 4chan, and later disseminated by other users on websites and.

The Mirror asked how 4chan could have obtained the images. The straightforward answer is that a hacker put the images on 4chan. More uncertain is how the hacker could obtain the images. As worrying as.

Nude pictures of Emma Watson Uncensored sex scene and naked photos leaked. The Fappening Icloud hack.

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Kanye West is about to get REAL PISSED. because someone leaked what appears to be nude pictures of his wife Kim Kardashian onto the internet — making her the latest victim in a string of celeb hacking incidents. It’s unclear when the pics were snapped — but K.K.’s not wearing a wedding ring in.

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‘The Fappening 4’: More Celeb Nudes Leak Online Including the First Man, Seems to Be Dying Down The leaks of hacked personal photos keep on coming but seem to be on their last legs, as the latest collection is comprised of.

Nude photos and videos of "Guardians of the Galaxy" actress Mikaela Hoover were hacked from her iCloud storage account, TMZ reported Wednesday citing police records.

A federal investigation into last summer’s celebrity nude photo hack led agents to a residence on the South. after first appearing on 4chan. A representative for Lawrence, arguably the biggest star.

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Purporting to be the work of 4chan, the community seemingly responsible for the massive celebrity photo hack, the site hosted a clock that claimed to be counting down to the release of nude pictures o.

Sep 01, 2014  · Jennifer Lawrence is among the latest slew of celebrities to have her privacy violated at the hands of a hacker. The images originated on a 4chan thread (link NSFW). A hacker on the 4chan thread, in an attempt to earn bitcoins, reportedly revealed he was in possession of more than 60 naked pics of.

News of the leaked images first started spreading on a 4chan. syncs photos to iCloud as they’re taken, but it’s not yet known how the hacker—if they did indeed manage to hack iCloud—got ahold of so.

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Celeb hacker ‘on the run’: FBI investigates as mystery man who calls himself ‘OriginalGuy’ claims responsibility for stealing hundreds of stars’ nude photos

When a 4Chan poster hacked into more than 100 female celebrities’ iCloud accounts, leaking naked photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and others, Lawrence’s representative called the crime “a flag.

The photographs originally turned up on the website 4chan, where hackers claimed to have infiltrated the phones of more than 100 celebrities and promised to leak more images in the future. The picture.

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Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian and Gabrielle Union are among the celebrities recently to have private, intimate photos splashed across the Internet. The 4chan site is where the hacked, nude photos.

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They appeared on 4chan, Reddit. “Knowing those photos were deleted long ago, I can only imagine the creepy effort that went into this. Feeling for everyone who got hacked.” Some celebrities said th.

Yesterday, hackers released private photos of Amanda Seyfriend and Emma Watson. March 15 was chosen for a reason — find out why.

Three weeks ago hundreds of nude celebrity. obtained from hacked iCloud accounts. It’s not clear yet where the new photos have come from — if they’re part of the original leak, or a new one — but.

The online gathering was called “The Fappening” by users on the digital bulletin boards Reddit and 4chan. But the event was not really about the hacked celebrity photographs. for the leaking of cel.

The photos first appeared on a 4Chan thread (very NSFW). So far, only Lawrence’s publicist Bryna Rifkin has confirmed, in an official statement to BuzzFeed, that the photos were of her client: This is a flagrant violation of privacy. The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who.

There are several 4chan threads relating to this so-called “Snappening” – some referred to the recent hack of celebrities’ nude selfies. the image-saving service’s cloud server, and some pictures w.

Yesterday, a new trove of naked celebrity photos leaked on 4chan and Reddit, the same sites used to distribute the massive celebrity photo hack that took place earlier this month. In this round, new i.

A targeted hack attack on the personal iPhone. that this theft was made possible because celebrities, like a lot of regular people, don’t understand what connected devices do with the pictures they.

2:00 PM PT — Meagan responded on Instagram. ripping people for reposting the pics which she says were intended for her husband. She added, "evidently we all know how I feel about my t**ties." The celebrity hackers are back. with a vengeance. The latest victim appears to be Rihanna.

ATLANTA – Apple Inc.’s iCloud service may have been used to illegally access nude photos of actress Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities, raising security concerns as the company prepares to unveil.

If you’ve spent any time as a woman on the internet, the message sent by the 4chan poster who hacked into over 100 female celebrities’ iCloud accounts to obtain nude photos is startlingly familiar: As.

Kirsten Dunst leads celeb anger at Apple over hacked photos. Spiderman star Dunst is the first victim to publicly criticize the tech giant after nude photographs of her and multiple other celebrities leaked online

First Jennifer Lawrence is involved in a nude photo leak. than the iCloud hack that resulted in Lawrence and other celebs’ intimate images leaking to the world. Business Insider writes that The Sna.

Sep 21, 2014  · And we have another victim! This weekend, a nude photo leak started out with a couple of Kim Kardashian pics, but she is far from alone!. Rihanna also had both a full frontal and a booty shot of her uploaded to Reddit/4chan, exposing her.

The online hack which led to the posting of hundreds of explicit photographs of celebrities online could have been a password attack. Hollywood stars including Jennifer Lawrence and model Kate Upton s.

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