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Dec 31, 2008  · Re: Rittreck 5X7 View Camera The Rittreck uses a proprietary metal board. As with the cameras, these boards have started to turn up a bit more frequently here over the last couple of years as sellers in Asia, where the cameras are much more common, have started offering more of them on eBay.

As a successor camera to the Rittreck View, the design of an ideal camera for portraits was an important factor and to give versatility the interchangeable bellows were first developed for technical compact cameras.

Yes, the Rittreck was versatile, but in many ways it was too versatile for its own good and Musashino Koki didn’t pursue this style of camera. In 1968, they produced the Rittreck 6×6, a rollfilm SLR for 6x6cm images on 120 or 220 film.

Almaz 103 + 50mm f1.8 Volna + case & instructions. Unusual Russian camera with removable prism ‘inspired’ by the Nikon F2 and the Minolta XE series and with a.

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Jun 27, 2014  · Re: weight of Rittreck View The Ritteck View sounds like the camera that I need. I have a Deardorff 8×10, with reducing backs to 5×7, 4×5, 3¼x4¼ and I have several of the various sized Speed and Crown Graphic (13) but I want a dedicated 5×7, no reducing backs, no elarging backs tp 8×10.

In 1965, Musashino released the Rittreck View 5×7" view camera. The Rittreck 6×6 was launched in 1968, somewhat inspired by the Pentacon Six. The same year, Rittreck Shōji (リトレック商事, Rittreck Trading) was founded as a separate trading company, to distribute the cameras made by Musashino.

The Rittreck is a 6×9cm SLR with a "landscape" (horizontal) non revolving back, made from 1955 by Musashino Kōki.The most common versions are the Rittreck IIA and Rittreck SP.The Optika IIA was a name variant of the Rittreck IIA, sold by Seymour’s, a distributor based in New York. It is one of the few 6x9cm reflex cameras ever built.

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The Rittreck’s huge waist level reflex finder offered a large ground glass with a Fresnel lens for added brightness and a folding magnifier. Markings were etched on the ground glass for accurate framing with the 4 formats supported by the camera.

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The Rittreck is a 6×9cm SLR without a revolving back, made from 1955 by Musashino Kōki. The most common versions are the Rittreck IIA and Rittreck SP. The Optika IIA was a name variant of the Rittreck IIA, sold by Seymour’s ,

Jul 27, 2018  · For sale is a Rittreck 5×7 camera in excellent condition. This is a tough and compact camera. The bellows is light-tight and supple. All movements are smooth and the locks are firm.

The Fujita 66 is a 6×6 format SLR introduced in 1956, known for its budget price. The original model has script lettering on the nameplate; the example with block lettering is a later model. Though of simpler construction than the contemporary Exakta 66 and first offerings from Hasselblad, the Fujita had more going for it than just the price.Being.

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